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This is a Wikia page about the world called Jaotis (pronounced Jow-teass), based in the tabletop game "Dungeons and Dragons". This page will detail things such as player characters, non player characters, and everything in between.

The BeginningEdit

The world started a great many centuries ago, but over time it grew, and fell. The most recent fall was an event called the Traveler's Reign, in which The Traveler, a deity of chaos and change, threw the world into pandemonium. The world went to war- countries vs countries, races vs races. Even pantheons and planes went to war with each other, all under the power of The Traveler. Its now 500 years past, and the world has rebuilt itself. The invention of the arcane airships developed trade throughout the world. The new discovery of gunpowder and its uses emerge, creating mighty weapons. This is where we begin, in the country of Cheaveth, near the city of Westspring, on a caravan, with an unknowing band of misfits, not knowing the adventures they would take together.

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